Scents Made with Essential Oils


  • Anise Star ~ soft scent of licorace

  • Cinnamon Orange ~ Orange with a touch of cinnamon 

  • Essentially Lemon ~ Essentialy Lemon stuffed full of poppyseeds.

  • Hunters ~ soft scent of licorace

  • Lavender ~ Fresh Lavender

  • Lavender Mint ~ Our own Mixture of lavender and mint

  • Lavender Oatmeal ~ Lavender with organic oats for a scrub 

  • Patchouli ~ true herbal patchouli

  • Patchouli Orange ~ Herbal Patchouli with a splash of sweet orange

  • Peppermint ~ The ripe smell of fresh peppermint

  • Peppermint Oatmeal ~ Fresh Peppermint with Oragnic Oats for a scrub

  • Pink Grapefruit ~ Fresh Ripened Pink Grapefruit

  • Rosemary Mint ~ Refreshing rosemary and spearmint

  • Spearmint Eucalyptus ~ Spearmint with a swirl of Eucalyptus, so fresh 

  • Summer Delight ~ Lime starts at the bottom, with aromas of freshly sqeezed lime. Then Lemon is the middle layer. This layed is stuffed full of oatmeal also. The top layer is Orange. This is our own original layer comination!

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